Bridal Registries

One of the most common questions I get is about wedding registries – And ladies (and gents) it’s nothing to be ashamed about…you don’t want to register, because you want cash!  I get it; truly!!  Registries made perfect sense 40 years ago.  I’ll explain why in one sentence: you lived with your parents and you had nothing!  The times are different, and we are different.  I haven’t had a single bride yet that is traditional (40 years ago traditional), living at home with mom and dad, marrying a man who is also living at home, neither with a toaster, tv, or towels.  Most couples, whether right or wrong, are already living together and have fully furnished homes.  Sometimes, in the case of second marriages you have more TVs, microwaves and can openers than you know what to do with, so what could you possible need with a registry?

Nonetheless, you’ll have family members and friends that are “traditional” and are expecting a registry.  Here’s my suggestion, think outside of the box, register with a travel agent for a honeymoon, or with Amazon, or Zola (a seriously cool registry that allows you the option of cash funds), but don’t be disappointed when you don’t see much action in these registries.  Truthfully, you want cash, and you’re going to get cash, not because people are mind readers, but because people lead busy lives and cash is easy!  Most people have jobs, kids, and obligations, and finding time to fulfill items on a registry is time consuming; writing a check or stuffing an envelope with cash is time consuming enough.  Heck buying a wedding card can be a challenge for some, lol.

As a side note, be prepared when it comes to wedding checks, most people will write your checks out to Mr. & Mrs., and unless you have a checking account with both your names on it, you will not be able to cash those checks.  The “and” signifies both of you, whereas, Mr. “or” Mrs. means either of you.